Online Assignment #2: Omeka Archive


As a class, we’re building an archive of items related to Sherlock Holmes stories ( Each student will contribute three related items, at least one collection (with at least 3 items), and one exhibit (with a 300-word essay on the items) to the archive.

Due Dates:

  1. Due 9/21 by 9:30am: Accept the Omeka invitation, create an account, and bring three related digital items for inclusion in a Holmes archive.
  2. Due 9/23 by 8pm: Finish adding your items and collections, and write a 300-word essay incorporating some of the objects for an exhibit.


These items can be anything at all: illustrations from the original Holmes stories, photographs of locations mentioned in the stories or of props in the movies, images of movie or TV show posters of adaptations, pictures of games based on Holmes, audio clips of theme songs of different Holmes adaptations, video clips of the credit sequences of different adaptations, etc. The only requirements are that the items involve Holmes and that you have the permission to put them online.


You CAN’T: upload a clip/poster from a TV show/movie/CD that you or a random YouTube user made

You CAN: use material from an official account (BBC, MGM) as long as you include a link (the image/clip URL) to the source. Do not upload it! (See “How to Add Video/Audio below for instructions.)

Item Metadata:

For each item, you must write down the Title, Subject, Description, Creator, Source, Publisher, Data, Contributor, Rights, Relation, Format, Language, Type, Identifier, Coverage, and Item Type (see “How To Fill Out Metadata” below for instructions).

Getting Started:

  1. Check your email and look for an email from “A Study in Holmesiana Administrator <>”
  2. Open the email and click the link inside. You will be asked to create a password.
  3. Type your username (written in the email) and password to log in.

Adding Content:

How to Add an Item:

How to Change an Item Type:

How to Add Metadata:

Adding Linked Data:

How to Add Linked Audio: Follow the instructions for adding an item, and then change item type to “Sound.” Copy and paste the embed code into the “player” field. If you don’t know how to do this, ask!

How to Add a YouTube video: Click the “YouTube Import” tab on the left-hand side of the screen, fill out the fields, and click “Import Video.”

How to Add a Linked Picture: Follow the instructions for adding an item, and then change the item type to “Still Image.” Copy and paste the URL into the “External Image URL” field.

Grouping the Items:

How to Build a Collection:

How to Build an Exhibit:


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