Sherlock Holmes’ Short Stories, Topic Modeling

For this project I started off with 5,000 iterations, 20 topics and 10 words printed, but I realized the words seemed to different or many repeated and I couldn’t easily put a topic on them. I tried a couple more times with less iterations more topics and more words and as I went down in iterations and up in topic and words I started to get ones that I liked. After trying numerous of different options I concluded with 2,500 iterations, 30 topics and 20 words, that made it easy to get a topic from.



1.”found, left, lay, end, body, dead, path, ground, feet, death, foot, blood, ran, blow, knife, carried, water, lying, showed, mark”


 2.”house, road, station, place, train, reached, past, line, carriage, direction, drive, haul, walk, back, town, country, drove, dog, pulled, round”


3.”room, door, window, open, opened, bed, entered, floor, bedroom, key, heard, closed, sound, passage, inside, step, sitting, safe, light, rushed”


4.”face, eyes, man, black, dark, white, red, spoke, hair, thin, drawn, tall, appearance, features, blue, deep, pale, sharp, mouth, middle”


5.” wife, told, life, knew, woman, heat, girl, god, secret, hands, speak, love, truth, child, married, sake, thing, mine, understand, loved”


6.”lady, woman, Mrs., left, back, husband, bring, pour, brought, story, maid, heard, told, happened, creature, gentleman, beautiful, terrible, real, live”


7.”morning, night, day, doctor, clock, hour, morrow, DR., news, hours, yesterday, days, evening, early, state, breakfast, telegram, return, late surprise”


8.”London, business, money, time, man, years, office, Hopkins, hundred, twenty, company, pay, west, pounds, country, thirty, thousand, paid, city, advertisement”


9.”police, inspector, found, house, crime, made, murder, night, attention, London, shot, tragedy, dead, remainde, reason, arrest, attempt, moment, official,charge.


10.”face, instant, moment, cried, eyes, voice, turned, suddenly, sprang, forward, through, hands, sat,air, cought, struck, quick, sudden, strange, dreadful”