Online Assignment #8: Victorian London Locations


In class, you’ll be split into four groups that correspond to the four Holmes stories we’ve read this semester.  Choose a location from the Holmes story you’ve selected, research it using online scholarly sources on Victorian London, and write a blog post about how and why that background information about the location affects our understanding of the story.


11/8 by 8pm  


1. Choose one spot (not Baker Street) mentioned in the Holmes story you signed up for. Each person must choose a different location.

2.  Do a search for your street on Victorian Google Maps ( and then zoom in and take a screenshot.

3. Use a combination of the following sites to learn about the area you have chosen:

“Historical Eye” (
the “Old Bailey Online” (
“Charles Booth Online Archive” (
“Locating London” (
“British Histories” (
“London Buildings and Monuments illustrated in the Victorian Web” (
“Mapping Emotions in Victorian London” (

4. Write a blog post about what you’ve learned about the area

a. Include 3-4 specific details about the location
b. Explain the location’s importance to the Holmes story, in terms of plot and theme
c. Include screenshots and any other pictures you’ve found that you think will be helpful.
d. To quote from a source without plagiarizing, consult pages 16-17 from Standards and Styles(


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