Wimpole Street

Wimpole Street I used the area of Wimpole Street from the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.








Wimpole Street 1800Using the Charles Booth Online Archive I  was able to find my street and see how the area around it was wealth wise. You can see by the yellow on the right side of the street it is an Upper-Middle and Upper class area. The people who lived in this area were wealthy and respected. On the right side of the map the area is mainly Middle-Class people who were well to do. The divide is pretty clear but the classes are pretty close so I do not believe it would create a large conflict. There is one small area that is light blue meaning it is a poor area. This could create conflict and devalue the houses around the area. It could possibly be a small ghetto or maybe even a shelter of some sort. I also got information for the Old Bailey website, I was able to see about the crime that took place in the area. I was rather surprised by the crime since was a wealthy area. I thought that there would be less crime because of this but there are several cases of grand larceny. All the thefts could be due to the area being wealthy, they had more money to spend on nicer objects and others may want to still those. The small area of poorer people could also account for the crime, this is not to say that being who are poor are more likely to steal but they could be without certain objects that those in the richer area have.

Wimpole Crime

Overall, I was not surprised to see that the area was more upper and middle class people because Sherlock himself is of middle-class so he would associate with people of similar class levels.


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