Money detective security

The first graph I did was comparing the topics of Money, Security/Protection and Detective. The clearest spike is for Security/Protection in June of 1904, historically I could not find anything that was happening at this time to explain this. There was a war involving and other small conflicts but nothing that could directly be pinpointed.  I then turned to to see what exact story was published at this time and the story is “The Adventure of Three Students.” The topics of money and detective also spike around this time which would lead one to think that the story mentions all three of those topics.  There is a spike with both security and money at the same time which is September 1917, which is due to the publishing of the story “His Last Bow”

money room

This next graph surprised me a little. I wasn’t sure if there would be much of a relationship between the topics of money and room descriptions but surprisingly the two topics seem to move together along the graph in unison. Aside from money peaked around 1925 and room description does not they basically peak at the same times. One again I had trouble finding anything historical that explained this. They both peaked in 1904 and as I said earlier nothing too significant happened in 1904 that would affect these topics. There were some wars and what not but nothing related to rooms or money.  I once again looked at the Sherlock stories themselves using the same website. Money peaks in March 1904 but there were no Sherlock stories published during this month and room descriptions peaked during June which again is “The Adventure of the Three Students.”


relationship apperance face

This graph did not surprise as much because I assumed the topics of face/head and appearance would move together and I also figured that relationship was closely related to those two. The peaked of both relationships and face/head can be contributed to the story “The Adventure of the Stockbroker’s Clerk” The story is about brothers and talks about family resemblance with could attribute the face/head part and because it is about brothers discussing the family relations can account for the relationships topic.

time travel

This graph it was a little easier to find history to understand the peaks. There is a slight peak for time in September of 1908 and I believe this is because of information I found on that states that a German mathematician was the first person to ever define time as the fourth dimension in September of 1908. There is also a very noticeable peak in travel around 1908 and I believe there could be two reasons for this. According to in 1908 Henry Ford improves the assembly lines for cars, and the Hydrofoil boat was invented. I was surprised that travel did peak in 1903 when the plane was invented but instead it actually had a low in that year.

Writing and Travel For this graph the travel peaks are obliviously the same as the last graph. I thought comparing the two would work because I thought that as travel improved writing especially letters may also improve since there was better transportation for sending of those letters and the two topics are not too far off in the graph.  I could not find a reason for writing peak when it did so it may once again relate to the Sherlock stories alone. I’m not too sure.

Overall, I found topic modeling and graphing to be a bit difficult and I feel that personally I was not able to see anything new about the stories or the topics because of the graphs. I think maybe in different situations topic modeling would be more useful but I had a tough time with it.



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