Topic Modeling Holmes

1000 iterations, 50 topics, 20 topic words

Nationality: country England world American fear great English law real days present living set bound meet south date british year baron

Writing: paper read note letter book hand papers pocket table written put handed letters writing sheet post wrote write document held

Tracks: boy examined feet blow carefully examined feet blow carefully examination mark left ran wood found path marks stick impression marked showed edge foot unfortunate

Reaction: turned hand face instant moment rushed fell eyes voice felt dreadful horror air white lips arms milverton threw minutes cold

Numeral Values: years money time ago twenty sister hundred months thirty age considerable weeks ponds days club year month named sum

Simple Explanation: case point give points facts curious fact investigation obvious clue incident idea events theory admit solution simple connection criminal explanation

Suspense: head back struck suddenly sprang forward caught quick instant cry began sight eye held feet step dropped broke ears stepped

Family Scandal: woman lady wife husband love girl life child secret maid married beautiful dear character ferguson strong mistress ill daughter engaged

Stakeout: road side place carriage hall dog high direction miles drive house cottage pulled yards passed village bicycle houses trap mile

At Sea: line end thought water full lay place fall black wind ship peter sea memory forever walked captain stackhurst boat brandy


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