Topic Modeling

Iterations: 1500

Topics: 20

Topics Printed: 20

  1. ESTATE: house road passed round side place walked carriage garden left master dog horse hall drive path led ground walk standing
  2. CRIME: man young found inspector house father colonel dead police heard death body attention son crime evidence murder returned dangerous hopkins
  3. PUBLIC: street found home back station train lord james baker minutes st occurred waiting reached cab hours police late order town
  4. SEARCH: thought time make give made leave knew great find back hear place things doubt bring chance lost position fellow danger
  5. EXPRESSION: cried face turned back hands instant hand suddenly head moment voice words sprang forward eyes fell appeared feet lips threw
  6. APPEARANCE: man eyes face black looked red dark white figure deep hair thin features hat heavy drawn tall appearance blue sharp
  7. REASONING: clear mind point reason question person find matter idea make means absolutely secret presence impossible save excellent aware explanation sign
  8. CASE: interest sherlock case facts strange remarkable friend singular account london cases arthur nature problem extraordinary details public effect give find
  9. SILENT REFLECTION: holmes chair sat gave mrs companion fire fresh visitor rose pipe easy start table glanced silence cold silent horror change
  10. BUSINESS: business london money men papers set office answered letters brother made hundred work address man considerable great company west mycroft

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