100 topics, 15  topic words, 5,000 iterations

Face/head: eyes face lips pale expression hands eager hot thin white cheeks fixed grey brow emotion

Realtionship: life woman love heart knew loved break mine truth evil power world women hands told

Money: hundred money ten business pounds year thousand worth large made pay paid price fifty sum

Detective: facts case theory simple fact points difficulty formed suggest correct impossible idea test remained explanation

Travel: train station carriage line reached journey started bridge drove return hurried cross roof passing save

Protection/Security: door room key opened safe closed inside long study lock locked shut entered bag fastened

Room Descriptions: round corner side table front left stood dressing covered top square carpet gown furnished books

Appearance: man face dark tall hair features eyes head middle thin figure clean beard cut gray

Writing: note letter paper book letters wrote written writing write read handed date envelope slip address

Time: years ago time twenty months thirty week age daughter weeks lives quiet meet retired engaged



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