Topic Modeling Sherlock Holmes’ Short Stories

After applying different settings at the Topic Modeling Tool, I have chosen the result of 2000 iterations, 40 topics and 20 words printed per topic.


1) Investigation

“case point fact facts points remarked investigation evidence mystery interest follow simple theory incident clue confess obvious problem curious afraid”

2) Time

“day morning days evening made news surprised telegram called meet order explain yesterday week hours spent return caused received longer”

3) Violence

“man found dead body death blood struck terrible dreadful creature poor blow knife wild ground unfortunate stick horrible lay picked”

4) Location

“house road side passed hall front place dog drive windows round drove standing direction high houses yards scene building square”

5) Sitting

“chair sat room fire half laid rose pipe bell arm glass lay asked silent seated alarm lit lamp cigar smoke”

6) House

“room window door entered open bed table left key bedroom study inside round safe sitting rushed floor locked lawn dressing

7) Appearance

“black man red face dark hair thin features tall head appearance figure white middle dress blue eyes glasses yellow faced”

8) Relationship

“husband knew thought heart wife girl told love truth child mind back gentlemen break loved leave mine met mary ferguson”

9) Mystery

“door light stood window opened heard open dark sound passage closed steps silence ran instant front pushed suddenly sharp drew”

10) Conversation

“asked give answered thought matter thing make time business good call start taking kind rest turn happy questions wished excuse”


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