Topic Modeling Assignment – Jen Pereira

Here are my ten topics and their titles. My settings were 40-2000-20.

Travel: train, london, office, papers, brother, importance, station, west, evening, mycroft, monday, absolutely, town, return, plans, agent, service, taking, coming, appointment.

Time: back, hour, help, time, past, street, ten, minutes, waiting, late, cab, quarter, wait, started, hurried, reached, big, step, journey, picked.

Crime: house, crime, night, death, master, attention, murder, terrible, dangerous, tragedy, scene, made, servants, criminal, alarm, undoubtedly, man, unfortunate, absolute, suspicion.

Business/Commercial: good, business, money, asked, hundred, week, answered, men, american, pay, pounds, red, thousand, gold, city, company, worth, headed, advertisement, paid.

Police Work: holmes, inspector, lestrade, case, police, sherlock, evidence, yard, moment, investigation, force, official, arrest, important, scotland, detective, affair, charge, quietly, feel.

Construction/Evidence: left, round, store, examined, small, large, floor, side, mark, carefully, examination, ground, wall, marked, evidently, pointed, marks, wood, cut, iron.

Literature: paper, note, read, letter, papers, book, pocket, hand, table, box, put, handed, letters, written, wrote, writing, drew, sheet, post, address.

Description of Clothes: black, side, hair, red,  hat, gave, high, heavy, blue, coat, broad, centre, white dress, brown, top, faced.

Emotional Verbs/Actions: instant, cried, hands, heard, back, feet, rushed, threw, open, caught, fell, sprang, appeared, sight, ran, cry, arms, pushed, moment, voice.

Murder/Death: man, found, head, body, dead, hand, lay, blood, long, drawn, close, shot, carried, struck, part, finally, held, blow, knife, revolver.


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