Topic Modeling

200 topics, 7500 iterations, 10 topic words

Physical Description- man, hair, cut, middle, appearance, short, clean, faced, eagerly, shaven

Crime Scene- dead, body, found, knife, blood, cut, wound, death, heavy, lag

Travel- train, station, carriage, journey, roof, bridge, started, body, leave, ticket

Writing- paper, note, wrote, written, book, handed, writing, sheet, slip, write

Smoking- room, pipe, sat, fire, cigar, tobacco, chair, smoke, lit, writing

Marriage- woman, love, wife, husband, loved, knew, life, heart, married, women

Crime Solving- case, interest, points, remarkable, facts, singular, problem, fact, experience, solution

Time- night, hour, late, quarter, clock, work, twelve, eleven, time, ten

Business- hundred, money, pounds, business, thousand, company, price, sum, terms, pay

Light- light, lamp, darkness, dark, match, lantern, gas, lit, heavily, burning


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