Topic Modeling

100 topics, 1000 iterations

23. Crime: murder, evidence, criminal, death, crime, reason, arrest, murderer, committed, action, charge, night, murdered, motive, tragedy, violence, occurred, scene, victim, deed

100. Case solving: problem, remarked, mystery, case, events, solution, admit, simple, prove, interesting, correct, facts, connection, chain, doubt, cases, single, incidents, presented, art

32. Observation: black, red, white, side, blue, double, coat, nose, clean, hat, brown, dressed, grey, wore, yellow, sharp, observe, high, pair, centre

40. Economy: money, hundred, business, company, pounds, thousand, worth, price, sum, fifty, pay, answered, check, terms, bank, single, stock, pycroft, appointment, mawson

52. Body: face, turned, eyes, shoulders, mouth, lips, smile, milverton, felt, white, shrugged, companion, effort, sunk, chin, breath, thick, breast, lines, straight

64. Morning/Night: room, heard, early, bed, night, surprise, morning, dressed, sleep, arrived, breakfast, vanished, clock, slept, unpleasant, midnight, walk, whistle, found, occurred

98. Appearance: man, face, eyes, features, tall, dark, hair, thin, figure, appearance, looked, huge, handsome, beard, heavy, alert, gray, colour, expression, step

75. Passing of time: time, hour, night, work, clock, ten, quarter, late, past, twelve, passed, eleven, room, coming, services, waiting, criminals, complex, retired, eagerly

82. Written documents: paper, note, letter, read, message, wrote, word, sheet, letters, written, book, handed, picture, answer, writing, slip, copy, men, post, dancing

70. Setting: street, baker, waiting, evening, cab, rooms, afternoon, minutes, hansom, working, shortly, corner, ten, haven, emerged, returning, visited, crowd, pavement, cabman


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