Topic Modeling

The settings I have used were 100 topics, 5,000 iterations and 30 topic words.

Smoking- chair sat fire pipe rose glanced smoke arm tobacco visitor cigar lit asked laughed silence smoking opposite laid back smoked walk armchair leaning dropped seat comfortable waved cigarette details heartily

Residential Streets- house road side place walked drive miles front led hall high stopped standing building gate windows grounds park trap houses mile yards trees low reached cottage narrow row upper lane

Family/Relationships- woman lady husband wife love young loved beautiful girl marriage daughter married nature women maid fiend de seldom marry blame lovely lover hated mistress loves physical hatred listen merville hilda

Crime (general)- crime murder death night reason police account charge evidence appeared committed proved violence arrest remained motive attempt criminal murdered terrible conduct lucas inquest attention constable probable attempted hideous strong event

Finance- money hundred business pounds thirty thousand large pay milverton worth price fifty sum letters check ten paid firm offer terms named ruin bank work city client advance bag cost market

Transportation- back carriage past drove hurried companion journey round pulled save started reach town reached follow cab drive imagine class early wheels immediately curve van stepped holmes rattled swiftly luggage coachman.

Crime(murder)-back left met father knew death poor sister returned died mother fate witness alive called make swear struck terrible unhappy enemies offered jump faithful reply cry success interview impress absent

Crime Scene- body lay found shot head revolver dead blood weapon wound floor bullet pistol lying handle finally hurt close clothes cried fatal die fired powder wounded brains sight inflicted surgeon horribly

Investigation- case watson effect remarked complete follow conclusion knowledge simple methods form result greatest reasoning work art produced credit observation formed deduction occasionally occur cases working touch step poison drug telegraph

Foreign affairs- english american time von gentleman german bork fancy brother british agents greek london added prisoner occasion england country melas secretary book exclamation living people interpreter car admiration mister worst main


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