Results of Topic Modeling Project: Sherlock Holmes

The settings that I used for the topic modeling project are:

30 topics, 5,000 iterations, and 30 topic words printed

1.) Travel; half back hall carriage road horse dog drive cab past colonel boy pulled side minutes drove miles companion yards stopped people observed stranger bicycle straker silver trap station stepped john

2.) Writing; paper note read letter papers table book letters word handed written hand wrote put writing message short write sheet post hands kindly document picture slip single date means envelope meaning

3.) Detective Case; case point interest fact facts points remarked attention investigation interesting explanation curious clue affair object incident mystery theory obvious question simple events admit prove story solution narrative confess details connection

5.) Death; found man lestrade house dead body night lay left finally blood carried yard sign show head made blow death great care stick back wood scotland unfortunate mark heavy weapon bridge

9.) Time; morning night hour doctor heard work time train clock late waiting station quarter started early breakfast telegram hours hurried return past arrived ready afternoon morrow returned twelve matters walk fresh

10.) Physical Description; face man eyes black white dark head hair thin features red tall blue appearance coat pale expression fashion mouth dress eye heavy figure middle brown faced short drawn thick gray

18.) Emotion; cried face hands moment eyes turned head voice looked god words forward spoke felt lips quick shook raised air staring milverton sank burst glimpse laid shot frightened move broke step

19.) Crime; police inspector crime evidence found reason murder case occurred hopkins death human force tragedy remained appeared official arrest account formed violence charge trace prisoner fate proved complete suspicion discovered failed

21.) Business; london business asked good office hundred ten answered money work pay pounds company red thousand made set gold city headed paid possession valuable worth price bank order firm sum named

29.) Building; room door window open opened bed entered floor bedroom table key closed sitting passage ran bell inside rushed empty locked dressing pushed safe stair alarm lock clothes stairs shut sleep


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