DeFranco_Topic Modeling Assignment

Iterations: 2000
Number of Topic Words: 15
Number of Topics:150

Body/Posture: face eyes turned caught stood looked sunk glimpse mouth staring breast sat chin sight covered

Attack: man found dead body blood knife struck blow weapon fell wound stick head picked wounded

Crime: crime murder night appeared committed scene charge criminal motive violence arrest discovered lucas tragedy police

Smoking: pipe sat fire lit silence tobacco smoke cigar opposite smoking cigarette smoked peculiar thoughts handed

Family/Household: family england people real year high children live friends folk history shows household governess gather

Writing a Letter: paper read note written wrote handed sheet letter writing post write slip pen tossed printed

Neighborhood: house passed garden door walk gate lane cottage walking park windows dark grounds road knocked

Clothing/Wardrobe: black coat dressed hat st clair broad cap wore dress collar den eye trousers coloured

Thought: mind clear idea make remember observed vague effort easily forced absurd draw suspected memory false

Marriage: woman wife husband love life loved knew married girl women nature marriage marry power lover


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