Caleb Smith- Topic Models

Top 10 topic models with specs of 50 topics, 2000 iterations, 20 number of topic words:

1)DETAILS: case points interest facts investigation follow remarked fact explanation clue simple observed theory mystery admit prove incident solution inquiry effect.

2)ASSETS/CURRENCY: business money asked work answered good hundred ten company red office week pounds pay thousand suggested fifty city paid bank.

3)WRITING: paper note read letter papers hand table book pocket put letters handed box written wrote writing sheet post drew write.

4)RELATIONS: wife woman husband girl love life child married mother months years heart daughter died ago ferguson secret boy mrs women.

5)LAW/GOVERNMENT: police inspector matter hands case yard law arrest scotland moment official charge found important missing court quietly reached arrested move.

6)CHARACTERISTICS/FEATURES:face eyes man looked features thin dark tall pale mouth lips figure raised manner appearance gray cut beard expression.

7)TRANSPORTATION: hour station train past minutes carriage waiting drive cab quarter time drove half late wait ten hurried started journey home.

8)DESCRIPTION/COLORS: black white hat hair red coat dress broad blue faced grey thick bird brown boots double colour pair yellow dressed.

9)MURDER/CRIME/CLUES: man dead found body lay blood shot son hand knife held revolver mccarthy dropped part pool weapon cunningham heavy wound.

10)TIMES OF DAY/TIME: morning day night evening days clock morrow mrs telegram early breakfast hours news received yesterday work back leave spent arrived.


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