Lauren Gao’s Topic Modeling

Using Mallet’s Topic Modeling program, DHM293 ran all 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories with various settings. Changing the number of iterations and topics, I finally settled on settings of 100 topics and 2000 iterations, with 20 words in each topic.

1) Murder in Sherlock Holmes

crime death police murder reason charge scene tragedy night committed arrest violence evidence murdered motive constable caused suspicion escape attempt

2) Watson

watson dr doctor friend means surprised matter natural blessington amberley patient disease days medical continued knowing reasons armstrong trevelyan brougham

3) Men in Sherlock Holmes Stories

face man eyes dark thin tall expression figure features looked beard voice middle manner handsome gray clean age huge fierce

4) Women in Sherlock Holmes

woman wife husband love life knew girl loved married lady women rich daughter soul beautiful power nature beauty marriage young

5) Transportation in Sherlock Holmes

home minutes cab waiting heard wait glad ten ha walking twenty church quiet send reach talking feel driven long drove

6) Deducing in Sherlock Holmes

case facts points explanation fact simple theory admit investigation give solution problem confess correct present obvious formed probable connection false

7) Holmes’ mannerism

holmes head hands shook easy smiled sank sunk breast short forehead gesture rubbed began forward clapped despair branch leaning eagerly

8) Villains in Sherlock Holmes

great doubt criminal dangerous country brain set career act failed makes gang cunning power war europe compelled sufficient traced remains

9) Smoking in Sherlock Holmes

sat pipe fire looked time cigar tobacco smoke asked sherlock corner long chair armchair smoked lit roylott smoking moran observe

10) Accents in Sherlock Holmes

don ll ve won talk thing give answered didn bit ready bad couldn wait eh minute masser wouldn isn lucky




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