Trends Discovered By Topic Modeling Sherlock Holmes Stories

Here is a compilation of topics I have gathered through the topic modeling project.

Settings: 75 Topics, 2,000 Iterations and 20 Topic Words Printed

Female/Romance Isses 2. lady woman left maid young told beautiful fear sudden drawn truth mistress strong voice beauty late send frightened refused fiend

Writing 3. paper note read letter book letters written handed wrote pocket writing write sheet post address drew envelope slip document description

Banking 9. money business hundred pounds company pay thousand price fifty sum terms asked manager firm worth offer ruin milverton hard paid

Murder 11. crime police evidence murder death night arrest tragedy violence charge murderer committed arrested attention escape discovered unfortunate murdered motive instantly

Individual Descriptions 25. black hat heavy dressed brown side broad coat round boots observe grey dress slight nose double pair chin yellow sharp

Romance 29. years time ago father met mother twenty months year death age life weeks married lived friends month sister home uncle

Family Life/Values 40. wife husband woman love life child knew girl loved daughter understand character women ferguson nature heart devoted influence america married

Ominous Scene 42. light dark lamp window stood long sound silent darkness shadow heavily low sharp black lit standing shining yellow vague whispered

Killing/Death 48. found body dead man blood head knife lay stick lying blow house weapon close long wood finally wound carried burned

Morning 75. night morning clock heard early day breakfast hour morrow arrived sleep twelve dropped surprise eleven bright caused late weary started


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