Topic Modeling Project

Here are my (informed) guesses for the theme names. The data is based on me running 150 topics, 2,000 iterations, and 30 words.

Clues:paper note read letter papers word book answer letters table importance handed short written wrote received message writing pocket attention sheet write account reading von post secret picture men document

Reaction:face cried hands eyes turned instant holmes suddenly back voice looked head sprang forward words spoke lips threw moment step quick hand feet shook raised amazement staring moved burst stepped

House: room door window open light opened entered floor bed key bedroom closed lamp sound passage safe table bell steps sitting rushed inside ran pushed locked dressing lawn stair stood study

Crime: found police crime place death evidence brought case murder hopkins dead finally making tragedy body remained person arrest unfortunate attempt order hotel violence prisoner missing inspector inquiry appeared naturally weapon

Time: night morning day hour house back evening clock work late heard happened quarter room past start early breakfast returned waited hurried usual mrs left morrow arrived ten signs occurred twelve

Gun: back heard hand head stood lay long struck held turned fell deep round sight dreadful caught blood moment body cry horror strange revolver shot blow lying gave surprise dropped arms

Case: watson case point find dear clear doubt end points possibly affair person follow investigation obvious surely simple difficult clue perfectly confess theory close admit remarked undoubtedly prove suggest formed solution

Estate: house round side front road passed place long hall carriage garden high drive walked direction windows drove dark led corner pulled reached line square standing coming low past miles slowly

Travel: street found station train lord baker office waiting st cab minutes evening started yard half quiet gentleman company west made monday town detective official afternoon scotland service home reached engaged

Physical Description: face eyes black man red dark white figure hair thin light side tall heavy fashion hat appearance blue expression pale broad dressed features mouth centre middle yellow dress sharp brown


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