Lauren Gao’s Google Fusion Tables: Where in the World did Nancy Drew Go?

Well, wrong game. However, for this week’s assignment, I put together 10 of the Nancy Drew adventure series games to practice using Google’s Fusion Tables. While ten games, each with different locations, are not enough to grasp how well-traveled Nancy Drew is, I collected information on where each game was located, what year the game was published, how many supporting characters there were, and what kind of mystery Nancy Drew had to solve. Most games were set in actual states or locations, but often the town or building in question was a fictionalized location. A trend that came up during my data visualizations was that the later the year, the more supporting characters the game was likely to have. Additionally, the type of mystery with the most supporting characters was “Robbery”, which was the mystery in the game “Secret of the Scarlet Hand”.

Screenshot (36)Screenshot (37)

Screenshot (38)

Screenshot (39)


Screenshot (40)

Screenshot (42)



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