Illnesses of the 19th Century

ashley 3

I choose illnesses that existed in the 19th century because I thought it would make an interesting graph on how the word rises and falls throughout the time period. Each of the following diseases “Plague, Typhus, Yellow Fever” went through different levels of activities during the 1800’s. The chart clearly shows the rises and falls of the activities of these diseases from the 1800’s to the 1900’s. While researching these diseases I realized that typhus would be especially interesting on the graph because of its clear rise and fall during the time period. For the graph I set it up to only show it from the 1800’s to the 1900’s, I also inserted other diseases before I solidified choosing these three. The words I had used before this showed little rise and fall in the chart and sometimes it was because of the vagueness of the word or because it just wasn’t used very often compared to the other two words I had typed in. I thought it was really interesting that typhus and yellow fever switched at about 9 times, even though the activity for the diseases started around the same time period. Although I did have a graph for this project it wasn’t very easy for me, I found it difficult to work with different settings because it made my graph look off. Also I didn’t really know what words to use while doing this project, because I was unsure of what terms were more prevalent during that time period, but then I thought of my history classes and how disease were so relevant. So, that’s when I decided it would be an interesting topic of words to choose from because it would show a great deal of rises and falls. I didn’t think that there would be as much increase and decreases between the disease during the time period I thought it would start off high and just decline or start off low and increase rapidly.


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