Victorian London Extra Credit

The tab I clicked on was the childhood because I was interested in learning the difference between childhood back then and childhood now as children now have many privileges and I wanted to see the comparison. The title that most intrigued me was “How to Amuse the Babies” the way the article itself was titled caught my eye.  Seemingly,  not much as appeared to change. It it noted that amusing a baby is very important because ” It awakens the intelligence of the child, it exercises its limbs, and all the muscles of those limbs” which is much of the same that we say today. Babies must be engaged because it is key in their development and that is no different. The article also discussed “baby language” and how not  a lot is understand about babies which has changed. Though, we can’t decipher was a baby may be trying to say there is more known about babies in general and the way they think and feel things in comparison to adults.  I was delighted to see familiar games being talked about like patty cake and the little piggies because I had not known how far back those rhymes dated. It is actually amazing that something as little as that has stood the test of time. The article goes into full detail of how to play patty cake and sing the little pigs which was funny to read written out.  I also read about street children and the games they would play and how their simple games were considered “nuisances.” For example, the hoop game (shown below) would cause adults to call the police if they felt the children were too much in the way.

Boys_with_hoops_on_Chesnut_Street (Image from Google images)


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