Emily DeFranco_Tuesday Jan 27th Assignment (extra credit)

From Lee Jackson’s “The Victorian Dictionary:”

Entry: For my entry first I went to the “Publications” tab and then chose “Journals, Magazines and Newspapers” (to make my research more interesting and relevant to my major) and finally selected ‘The Times.’ There were many articles about The Times but I read the first one (Peter Cunningham, Hand-Book of London, 1850).


What I learned: What I found interesting right away in this article was how the first daily paper in London actually began with one man, John Bill, who, “at the King’s Printing House in Black Friars, printed the proclamations of the reign of Charles II. [The] first London Gazette, [was] established in that reign.” In 1770 the location of the publication moved to its current location where it transformed into the daily it is today in 1788. “The Times of Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 1814, was the first work ever printed by a mechanical apparatus, and the first newspaper printed by steam.” The article also breaks down the starting and current advertising rates, though I didn’t completely understand some of the symbols used. It was cool to see how the paper evolved from its very beginning to a paper that it distributed worldwide.



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