Qualities of a Good DH Project

Five qualities of a good DH project are:

1. The project must be legible and clear.

2. It should be aesthetically pleasing.

3. It must be engaging and/or interactive.

4. It has credited sources (citations) for unoriginal data.

5. It is well-organized.

A good DH project will feature all of these aspects.  It must be clear, visually stimulating, engaging, and well-organized in order to hold the attention of the reader and simultaneously teach them something.  The more information you can get from a project, the more interesting and useful it will be in answering questions of the modern world.  With today’s technology, we are able to ask and answer questions that previously could not be answered.  Digital tools help organize information in a new and fun way to help visual learners and those seeking a different method of teaching to read, write, and view life differently.  Most of the websites we have used this semester were able to take a huge amount of information and form it into something compact and easier to understand and interpret.  With word clouds we can get the general sense of main themes in stories and speeches.  With Google Ngrams we can start to decipher the relevance and importance of words in a vast amount of past literature.  With Booktraces we can permanently document the marginalia of old books that will eventually fall apart and be destroyed.  With GIS we can plot points of historical significance much faster and more efficiently than ever.  There are endless possibilities to the amount of information we can absorb in a short time by using digital tools.  Therefore, it is important that students and others studying digital humanities create projects that others can use to view the world differently.


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