What Makes a Good DH Project?

Samantha Harris


1. Easy to navigate

2.  Pleasing to the eye

3. a decent amount of data about a topic

4. Organized

5. Great accessibility of research

What makes a good DH project?

A good DH project is a combination of the five qualities listed above.  It is important to have these five qualities because without one of these qualities, it can truly effect the outcome of the DH project.  For example: If it is not easy to navigate, who is going to want to spend extra time looking for information? To make a good  DH project, it is important to know the key factors that contribute to making the DH project useful.  It is important that in order for the DH project to be good, it allows people to ask questions in a different way.  This can be done either through readings, graphs, or even just analyzation of data.     

How does DH let scholars ask new questions?

Aside from a DH project being good, there needs to be substance underneath it all.  Like I said in the above question, a part of making a DH project “good” is the ability for scholars, and people in general to ask questions in different ways.  Sometimes, people are not able to analyze data by reading, but rather through visualizations.  With that being said, DH projects can either be used through graphs, and word clouds, creating more of a visual look at the data.   With more variety of ways to ask questions, it creates an open road for many more questions that can lead to further analysis. 


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