What Makes a Good DH Project?

Qualities of a good DH project:

1. Research. It’s not enough to know your results, it’s important you know what factors could have caused these results.

2. An interesting topic.

3. Proper use of the tools.

4. Pictures or visuals of the data. It helps to include the graphs you received to show your results.

5. An explanation of what these results mean or say about the topic.

A DH project is good when the presenter of the project is interested in the topic they are presenting. When someone is interested in their topic, they will go above and beyond the assignment. Someone who is interested in their project will delve deeper to find more and more information about what they’re presenting. Additionally, it makes for a better presentation. Watching someone present about something they’re passionate about is infinitely better than watching someone who has no further interest in their topic.

DH is constantly finding new information and broadens the horizons. New information opens the door for new questions to be asked and new possibilities to be studied. People who study DH are people who want to look at graph and information from all perspectives. Graphs, databases, and archives often don’t only give us information, they give us new questions to be asked. They answer one question that opens the possibility for a million further questions.


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