The Art and Significance of a DH project

A Digital Humanities project should contain a necessary amount of aspects that methodically convey a leitmotif and theme of the author. It is quite difficult to create a “perfect” project, but with these aspects it is feasible to make a prosperous one.

1) Central Theme & Focus:
The explicit date of the humanities project should contain a specific concentration with supporting details and substantiation that fully maintains the main idea of the author.

2) Aesthetic value:
A digital humanities project should contain a sense of attractiveness for the viewer to enjoy and stay focused on the material. It should contain a structure and organization and be somewhat colorful or themed for the aesthetic sense.

3) Citations and Reliability:
A digital humanities project should be properly cited so the reader knows what he or she is comprehending is accurate and proven. If the works are not cited, the information may be misleading and can prove to be unhelpful for the viewer.

4) Facilitated Interface:
A successful humanities project should be simple and easy to utilize, so the viewer gets the most proficiency and advantages from the databases and information posted on the site. It should be properly structured, with the interface highlighted and bolded for the viewer to flagrantly notice. It should also be recommended that the project contains a key or a search bar.

5) Significant and noteworthy:
A project should contain a preeminent subject or topic that a numerous amount of people can relate to. It should be centered around an explicit theme that society is introduced to and it should contain a primary relevance to most of humanity.

A Digital Humanities project should contain a sense of importance and significance, alongside the facilitated capability of searching through the interface. It should be properly researched with reliable sources and authors and should contain cited links. It should be easy and fun to look at, designed with an attractive layout and color scheme. Overall, the project should be focused on a topic methodically with the utilization of all of the aspects listed above plus more. It should contain significance throughout the whole project, with variability and points of interest.
The significant subject of Digital Humanities provides an interface for students and scholars to use technology to ask questions and find out information about a numerous amount of topics in society. The utilization of these projects creates novel and original perspectives that cannot be seen in a regular and mundane form of researching. An example that supports this statement is the practice of distant reading as MALLET methodically aids in letting scholars read and utilize thousands of texts and examine patterns in seconds. Instead of thoroughly reading through a large amount of text,MALLET allows one to read a text and grasp the prominent topic within a few pages.


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