Good Qualities in Digital Humanities Projects

Five qualities to have in a Digital Humanities project are

1- clarity (your readers must always be able to understand what they are researching or learning about)

2- a large quantity of archival data (you must be able to actually find what you are looking for, pertaining to the topic your archive should be supplying info on)

3- photos (many people are visual learners)

4- a key (explaining an array of tools can sometimes be complicated, so a key is an easy navigation and interpretation source.)

5- cited sources (You MUST have reliable sources to back up ALL of your information)

A good DH project is one that is detailed enough to fulfill any questions, but simple enough for the observer to understand. When using digital tools to learn more about a topic, a bevy of archives can be at your fingertips to use to find information. In a good DH project, information is readily available and easy to supply sources for. Another important aspect of a DH project is the citation of sources. One must easily be able to cite where they found specific information for their project. If said DH project is  a group project, the group members must work together like the wheels and cogs of a clock.

Because digital humanities helps to broaden the spectrum of research people use, there are open gates for new questions to be asked. In scouring an archive or a map, it is easy to ask many questions about reasons behind occurrences when you have an entire archive to look to.


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