Good Digital Humanities Project

For a digital humanities project be considered good I think it should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Organization: Everything should be labeled and easy to understand, otherwise it’s just gonna be confusing and won’t help anyone.
  2. Cited: the data must ALWAYS be cited so it’s not considered plagiarism. If you didn’t write something make sure you are giving the proper credits.
  3. Layout: The layout should be nice to look at and organized, for example: categorize each topic, the colors must match, you need a search bar…
  4. Focus: The project must be focused on a determined theme, and all of its data must be related.
  5. Reliability: all of the data must be reliable and authentic.

Besides the five items I cited above, a good DH project should contain a lot of information, it should be something that people actually use for learning and getting information. It has to be interesting, with interactive data, search bars, pictures and videos to exemplify and, of course, a nice layout! It doesn’t matter how awesome your DH project is, if the layout doesn’t match, no one is gonna like it.

DH projects allow scholars to ask new questions because it’s so easy to interact with it, students can just go into a website and search whatever they want to -that’s why the data has to be reliable, you need to know you can trust all the new information you are getting-. So now you can see why DH is so incredibly awesome, it connects everyone with the same questions or the same interests in some particular topic.


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