DIgital Humanities projects

Write a  list of 5 qualities of a good DH project. Then, answer the following two questions: What makes a good DH project? How does DH let scholars ask new questions?

1.) Easy to read or use

2.) Cites all data and pages

3.) Correlates data coherently

4.) Visually pleasing

5.) Search options

What makes a good DH project is finding a subject and figuring out how to use the technologies available to further the study of that field, whether it be through mapping or other forms of digital projects. After you pick your topic it helps to have an easy to use, navigable, visually pleasing end product with good color choice and lots of data that is diverse yet still connected. The user  should not have to struggle to find things or follow the stream of consciousness of the work or project.

DH allows use to ask new questions by presenting new ways of observing, preserving and presenting data that allows new angles to be taken which allows for new perspectives on age old questions.Through digital tools and other forms of digital information questions like what data is important and needs to be preserved and is all data worthy of being preserved arise and are at the forefront of this new digital movement in this field.


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