DH Project Aspects

When creating a website, it is key that one is able to have the site efficient with as little effort as possible. A few aspects that help achieve this are as follows:

-Organization of the site’s information will allow for easier perusing of the site.

-Visually pleasing to the eye, so one does not become bored or turned away.

-Clarity of information. Otherwise the user will not be able to understand what is being told or what any of the visualizations are.

-Multiple resources will allow for a more diverse abundance of information. All of these sources must be cited though.

-Accessibility. Without accessibility, there would not be any point in the site because no one would be able to find the site easily.

For a relatively decent DH project, easy navigation is necessary. Should one not be able to navigate about the site, then there is almost no use to the site. Organization and accessibility are a few aspects that allow for a site to be easily navigated. All of the main links or tabs should be located in an efficient spot, such as the very to of the page or on either side of the site.

DH allows for scholars to be able to quickly gain information and data, whether it is for statistics on something, or just as simple as information or a document recorded on that website. With quick to access information, scholars can come to certain conclusions, or lack there of, thus having more specific question to ask.


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