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A list of 5 qualities of a good DH Project.

1. Easy to read/use

2. Interactive and Informative

3. All sources cited

4. Should be able to be used as an academic source

5. Should have a search bar

A good DH project should at first be visually striking to capture the readers attention, then have the information to back it up to make it a scholarly project. The project should have a clear outline or or statement as to what it is trying to achieve. It doesn’t have to be, but it makes it more interesting if the project is interactive because it gives you a more “hands on” approach when learning about the topics.

The project should be set up clearly so you can see where all the information is. A good project should not be cluttered and illegible. Using colors is a good way to grab the readers attention but when you have colors contrasting it makes it hard to read and makes it look unprofessional.

DH allows scholars to ask new question because it allows them to look at much older works (such as Sherlock Holmes stories) and question why characters did certain things or why the story went in a certain direction. It allows them to take data from that time period and correlate it between the story and actual events that happened in that area or around that time period. It also allows them to look at data and make observations and inferences about them and to also preserve information in a more updated form. New tools come out every year that allow scholars to look deeper into texts and map and give us a better understanding of the time period. It is a great way to analyze older works in a more modern format and always keep you questioning anything you’re working on.


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