The Essentials of Effective Digital Humanities Projects

Although “good” is mostly a subjective term I think a majority of us can agree on a standard of qualities that make Digital Humanities projects most effective.
My personal list in no sequential order goes as follows:
1. Thematic Context; there should be a definitive theme with goal oriented content that embodies a specified topic.
2. Practical Applicability; a quality digital humanities project should offer a reasonable body of knowledge with a practical appeal to its intended demographic.
3. Interactive Interface; this isn’t a requirement but having a searchable or participatory interface can help users get the most out of a digital humanities project.
4. Aesthetic Appeal; although beautification doesn’t directly enhance the quality of the information presented it can make the data easier and more enjoyable to digest.
5. Scholarly Reliability; perhaps the most integral quality of a good digital humanities project, from accurate sources to proper citations the information given in any digital humanities should be unbiased and reliable.
 So what else makes a digital humanities project “good”? & How do good digital humanities projects enable scholars to ask new questions? Excluding the aforementioned qualities there are still many factors that enhance DH projects and their ability to do so. When determining what qualities can benefit a project its important to consider the underlying aspiration of digital humanities in general, which is to be informative and thought provoking in new and inventive ways. A good DH project does this by providing its user with valid data that not only answers questions but poses new ones. This should be accomplished with a creative inclination towards presentation that utilizes technological resourcefulness to offer otherwise inconceivable perspectives. It is through these cutting edge mediums of analysis that DH enables scholars to ask new questions.

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