Good Digital Humanities Projects

We’re back again are we? With final projects coming up it’s important to consider what makes a good project for the Digital Humanities. Let’s get started.

One very important quality for a good DH project to have is that it be open and accessible to other scholars through the internet. Collaboration is the name of the game here. By sharing our work with others it contributes to an ongoing process of academia.

Another key element is that any facts listed or stated are accurate, fact-checked, and cited properly. Without proper citations to legitimate sources our work becomes meaningless. The standard that we need to achieve as scholars is high but also important.

In addition to having accurate information, a good DH project is easy to use, navigate, and read through. If information is inaccessible or hard to read then it quickly becomes useless. A key element in DH is using the tools provided to create fast and easy ways for scholars to learn efficiently.

While it is by no means a necessity, better DH projects tend to have higher quantities of data to look at. Larger sets of data help give a look at the full picture and ensure that any conclusions being drawn aren’t based only on outliers in the data but on the bulk and majority of material.

This next quality isn’t one that must be met in a DH project but is one that all the best projects have. A project that is interesting and engaging will make for a better project that others will take interest in regardless of the subject matter. An engaging project will be one that sticks in the back of your mind or makes you feel compelled to share it with others. The best projects also raise questions and hypotheses.

So to conclude, the best Digital Humanities projects are collaborative, accurate, large, easy-to-use, and engaging. Digital Humanities allows scholars to easily share their work and thus ask new questions and arrive at new ideas or conclusions that wouldn’t have been possible without the tools computers and technology provide.


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