What makes a good DH project?

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. Has sufficient data and citations to make it scholarly and informative
  3. Contains information/images etc.. relevant to the topic/topics being focused on
  4. Aesthetically pleasing, images are good quality/easy to zoom in
  5. Has a search bar/about page-explains all that is included in the project/allows users to look for specific things


A good digital humanities project is intuitive and user friendly. If it is not easy to navigate by an average person, it is limiting the information that could be useful/of interest to someone who sought out the information in the first place. I think a good digital humanities project is simple and not too overwhelming, but includes multiple forms of media that are relevant and helpful to the person studying the topic (ex- Songs of the Victorians archive includes text analysis, images and sound media of the songs which all work together to help the user understand more). A good DH project is also aesthetically pleasing and includes proper citations to make it a scholarly source (unlike the Art in the Blood archive). After doing the previous blog post project, it is also helpful to have a search bar or more specific about page to be able to know what is included or not included in the DH project and to be able to find information about something specific.

DH projects lets scholars examine patterns and trends that occur over a large period of time/large amounts of data that otherwise would be inhumanly possible to look at over someones lifetime. With the digital humanities, scholars can look at things that occurred in the past and make inferences and ask questions about the values and important issues that went on in the past and how they influence the way things are going on in history and literature today.



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