Leadenhall Street

Looking for mentions in Sherlock Holmes’ stories I came across Leadenhall Street that appears in A Case of Identity when Miss Sutherland tell Holmes:

“Oh, yes, Mr. Holmes. We were engaged after the first walk that we took. Hosmer—Mr. Angel—was a cashier in an office in Leadenhall Street—and—”

dhm1I used Locating London to map the crimes commited by women in Leadenhall Street and that was my result.


Most of the crimes were theft and only 2 of them were royal offences. When I searched for all the genders I noticed that theft was the most popular crime in the area and there were a total of 90 crimes registered in this street.


But back to my previous search and looking through the items one caught my attention because it’s punishment was public whipping. The woman was Elizabeth Bond and she was accused of stealing three pewter pint mugs in 14th January 1768. Mrs. Bond deffended herself saying “These pots were lying in the street, I saw them as I was coming by, and put them in to my apron, by that reason I could not tell where to carry them; as to striking them, I never did no more than I do this moment.” * but she was considered guilty anyway.

The full record can be found here.

After checking the crimes I decided to see how Leadenhall Street was classified by Charle’s Booth but what I noticed is that it is not classified at all.

dhm2Searching more thoroughly I found out that it happened because all Charlies Booth’s entries were from workers and the place was mostly mercantile as we can see from the entries below.


I tried to use Historical Eye and British Histories but they didn’t show me any relevant information about the street so I decided not to use them.

Works cited

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey case t17680114-42 (reference number)

Charlie’s Booth Survey Notebook – Link


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