Fleet Street

Samantha Harris

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In the stories of Sherlock Holmes, there are many different streets which have major significance.  Luckily because of wonderful archives we are able to read more about the importance these places have in London.  There is one specific street that catches the eye, and that is Fleet Street (Historicaleye.com.  According to the Historical Eye, Fleet Street in 1896 was the center for newspaper enterprise of England.  Also, according to the facts found on this website, this street is associated with Shakespeare and other famous artists (Historicaleye.com).

Today,  Fleet Street is a place with a shining black art building and all the British newspapers stopped being made (Historicaleye.com.  Although this was the case, some UK members are still considered “Fleet Street (Historicaleye.com).”

According to Charles Booth Online Archive, if we are to look up Fleet Street on this website, we are to see that there is a bunch of red coloring on the left side of the screen where on most of the map it is shaded a blue (Booth, 1800s map).  The red indicates that these areas are middle class, well-to-do classes, and the blue represents more of a poorer civilization (charlesbooth) .

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(Charles Booth Archive)

It is interesting to see the history behind these places because it creates more of an image for us as the reader to picture what life was like back win the day when Sherlock Holmes was invented as a story.   According to now though, there is a vast variety of different classes based off of the information provided from Charles Booth (Booth, 1).

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(Charles Booth Archive)

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