Edgeware Road

Edgeware Road was mentioned within Sherlock Holmes “A Scandal in Bohemia” when Sherlock had followed Irene Adler to what was the Church of St. Monica. Looking at this road, it is clear that it is one of the main roads for this area, with a wide street with several other branching off from it. On this road, there is the Mable Arc, which is a landmark well known for this area, especially since the veranda directly across from it would be where officials, such as police officers and sheriffs, would stand when there would be an execution of any sort ( Simon Rees. 2014. historicaleye.com ).

Looking about on this road, several churches can be seen lining it as one goes along it, as well as several schools and small businesses, such as printing offices and banks. On one side, this had to have been a bustling portion of the area, which would give all the more sense of urgency for when Irene Adler had the sudden, almost on the spot, marriage. However, on the more northern side of the road there were mansions and the and other such buildings. Clearly, this area would not have been in the lower class regions of London, in actuality, it was all mainly consisting of the middle and upper class ( http://goo.gl/JgRmhL). For a woman who had not been married before hand, Irene Adler was clearly making a living for herself in London to be able to only about twenty minutes of so from this area.

London screenshot (Picture from Google maps)


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