Mini Project: Goodge Street

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For this project I decided to look at and do research on “Goodge Street”. This street was a main location in “The Blue Carbuncle” because this was where James Ryder dropped the goose after Peterson rushed towards him only to help Ryder from a beating. The screen shot above shows the location of where this happened. After searching for information through all of the other digital archives I found that the britsh-history website to be the most useful. This cite gave me lots of information on Goodge Street on what was on it and its location. The article I found useful was written by two men named J. R. Howard Roberts and Walter H. Godfrey and they claimed that Goodge Street was a shopping strip with a lot of stores on it as well as a residential area. This is relevant to the Blue Carbuncle story itself because in the story Ryder accidentally breaks a shop window while trying to defend him self. I found that connection to be rather interesting because now i know for a fact this was where the crime happened and its really cool to be able to get a visual of it.


Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.52.38 PM

The above image is from the website  Locating London. I found this website to be very useful in finding information on crimes and giving a good visual. What I found interesting was that around the area there are only a couple of crimes that occurred but two of them are on the corner of Bennet Street and Charlotte Street. This is only just around the corner from where the attack happened on Goodge street. If you think about it this could have been a bad area where robberies usually happen. Especially back then it was easier for people to get away with things since there was no security cameras. A shopping center area late at night would be  a great place for an attacker to wait for a victim. Theres more of a chance a person will be walking through there and since its at night time no one else will be there to see.

Another website I found useful was the “Old Bailey Online” site. This website gives information on crimes that happened in the area you are looking at, in my case Goodge Street. While the Locating London website gives you where exactly the crimes occurred, Old Bailey Online gives you more information in the crime itself. As in the description of the crime from the victims or witnesses. In one excerpt that talks about a theft case that happened on September 16th, 1801. A watchman in Goodge Street saw a robbery occur and the two prisoners were accused guilty and transported for seven years. Where they got transported too is unknown.

The two websites that i didnt find useful were Charles Booth online Archive and the Historical Eye. It was very confusing trying to navigate them and they both gave very little information on Goodge Street. Information that wasn’t worthy of posting. Locating London, Old Bailey Online, and British History were all very good websites to find information about Goodge Street. Easy to navigate and had very intriguing data.


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