Discovering Leadenhall Street from “A Case of Identity”

I decided to investigate Leadenhall Street, the street that Mr. Hosmer Angel’s office is located on in “A Case of Identity.” In the story, Miss Sutherland knows that Mr. Hosmer Angel works in an office on Leadenhall Street, but does not know much more about him than that. Below is the screenshot of Leadenhall Street from the Victorian Google Maps:

Leadenhall Street
Leadenhall Street

After searching for Leadenhall Street on Old Bailey Online, I found that Leadenhall Street must have been quite a busy street and home to multiple shops, businesses, and homes. It must have been some kind of a main street in the city because it was so busy and home to so many businesses. Out of all of the sites listed for the assignment, Old Bailey Online was the only resource that gave me specific information about happenings on Leadenhall Street. There were multiple instances in which crimes were committed and bodies were found on Leadenhall Street, such as the murder of Dr. Andrew Clenche (Old Bailey Online, Henry Harrison Killing –|street#highlight).

Searching for Leadenhall Street using British History Online brought me to the page “Leadenhall Street and the Old East India House.” Leadenhall Street was the home of the East India House after the great fire, as Sir William Craven leased the property of his house on Leadenhall Street to the East India Company. The company existed in order to trade with the East Indies. (Old Bailey Online, “Leadenhall Street and the Old East India House –


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