50 topics 


5. lady young woman wife maid child girl left beautiful ill give ferguson making mistress notice devoted possibly nurse poor frances

75 Topics

Sherlock’s Mannerisms

61. holmes chair sat fire pipe back asked arm rose glanced


67. light dark side lamp low match floor wall darkness held

100 Topics


40. london criminal learned dangerous attempt career order begin failed prepared chance due care fair succeeded


44. train station carriage line reached journey bridge hurried drove roof observed body opposite walk town


62. body lay blood shot found revolver blow dead head knife drawn fell weapon stick picked


81. door room opened key safe locked side inside closed lock open shut fastened conscious doors


88. watson dear surely fellow complete touch dangerous hope meet read draw report final form sufficient

500 Words


40. front house high drive road trees standing park windows place miles building sun trap drove


178. bed bell rope end ventilator cord mantelpiece hung observe chair pull inches ring dummy fastened

Mallet is a useful tool specifically for looking at the broader idea of an author or a story. It definitely is a distant reading tool, as I could not see it being of value to anyone who is close reading. Mallet is very helpful in that it takes minutes to go through all the information (in this case, every Sherlock Holmes story) and sort it all into groups based on a similarity. This organization would take a person extended periods of time to just read through and record all the words in the Sherlock Holmes stories, much less sort them all into hundreds of groups based on patterns.I thought it was particularly interesting what the tool said about the collection of Sherlock Holmes stories.
The grouping of the words was rather obscure and more often than not, very difficult to figure out. Even when I had 500 groups, it was not as simple to understand the groupings as it would be if a person sorted the words. Had a human being grouped the words, I think it would have been much easier to figure out the pattern of the groupings. Often times, I found that if a group of words was rather obvious, there would be one or two words in the group that came almost out of left field completely. This was the most difficult or frustrating part about using Mallet.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.46.28 PM

The words cloud really emphasizes the mystery and action of a Sherlock Holmes story. Some of the biggest words are danger, fasten, drove, and body. Danger is one of the key elements that adds to the mystery in any Sherlock Holmes story. Drove and fasten can go together well. Fasten often brings to mind the thought of fastening your seatbelt when on a dangerous or intense ride. In a lot of stories, there is a murder or a body to be found, so that makes sense as to why that is a big word. These words together properly give the essence of a good Sherlock Holmes story.


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