Sherlock Holmes Topic Modeling

75 Topics / 1500 Iterations

Transportation train station carriage drive cab drove walk waiting started journey bridge town pulled roof hurried catch miles trouble passing stepped
Murder crime death murder evidence police found tragedy case reason criminal arrest charge scene inspector suspicion murderer committed murdered motive constable
Writing paper note read book table wrote writing written handed sheet picked letter write page address pen piece pencil post learn
Trails path feet round water green stood track foot edge grass farther leaving impossible fall run tracks reached tut direction passed
Working in London london office made found telegram left evening monday city knowledge return hotel cross manager touch notice clerk duties worked pleased
During the night night clock morning ten west alarm usual twelve late eleven rest moving hour vanished began continued fog midnight cadogan woolwich
Women lady wife woman child ago married dear girl maid ferguson daughter mother life years left mistress beautiful passed devoted frances
Describing the Dead body dead blood hand lay found head struck shot man revolver blow knife lying carried weapon held fell stick wound
Finances years money hundred twenty business pounds pay year thousand fifty worth sum age england ten honour rich gold price bank
Holmes Seated sat chair fire pipe room arm silence sitting seated silent rose cigar tobacco minutes opposite lit visitor smoking table smoke
Realisation instant face hands suddenly sprang cried caught air appeared coming voice feet quick sight glimpse sunk astonishment raised sank breast
Dress black dressed heavy broad hat round coat side thick brown boots dress yellow short pair worn grey nose chin centre
Facial Expression eyes face lips features set expression looked gray drawn fixed lines eager glance raised figure thinking fierce gleam eyebrows brows


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