Iterations of Sherlock Holmes

Samantha Harris

50 topics, 1000 iterations

1. found dead man body crime police blood murder hopkins death tragedy evidence scene knife account violence lying committed showed weapon- Crime, Investigation, murder

2. room window bed sitting bedroom entered open empty floor table dressing clothes lamp lawn finally study signs horror fire tregennis- bedroom, scenery, setting

60 topics, 600 iterations

3. table papers pocket hand box put drew small glanced looked thing ready seated examination envelope revolver silent piece contents thrust-  mail, investigation

4. found blood examined left round long examination finally carefully knife stick marks wood cut body- investigation, murder, blood, death, crime, detectives

5. paper note letter read hand book handed pocket written letters wrote writing sheet write slip- letters, reading, writing, mystery

70 topics 700 iterations 

6. room bed entered sitting bedroom window table bell dressing lawn floor upstairs drawing lamp furnished- bedroom, description, scenery

7. case facts points point fact investigation mystery interest theory give problem attention solution formed inquiry– facts, theories, knowledge, investigation, police, examination

8. face eyes tall features figure thin dark expression lips drawn pale raised beard looked voice – characterization, looks, expressions

80 topics 700 iterations

9. face back sat dreadful cry caught sudden sight horrible rushed voice fell sunk broke suddenly- depression, sadness, uncertainty

10. half hour past back late cab waiting minutes quarter ten wait heard time evening clock- time, waiting, clock


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