Topics for modeling Sherlock Holmes

50 topics
1000 iterations
20 topics printed

Place: house side road passed walked front round garden hall windows path corner direction window standing ran houses yards led bicycle

Murder/death: found left body blood lay brought examined revolver round examination ground knife carefully wood death stick marks track dead spot

Letter/note: paper note read letter book pocket letters handed wrote written writing write sheet post document slip table reading date envelope

60 topics
700 iterations
15 topics printed

Woman: woman lady wife young mrs girl love life husband child miss married story daughter beautiful

Spirits/ghosts: doubt lost danger dangerous clear life criminal law friend memory powers presence death care fear

Time: night heard morning evening clock ten past waiting house thirty usual surprise found quarter quiet

Crime: house found examined night body showed show clue signs finally death proved carefully carried servant

Money: years money ago twenty hundred lady king pounds gold months pay photograph age year thousand

Deduction process: case interest facts points point investigation remarked give follow incident theory interesting obvious run conclusion


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