Topic Modeling – Sherlock Holmes

10 topics, 500 iterations, and 10 words printed

House: room door window round side hand open table dark stood

Investigation: watson case find clear doubt dear police matter point note

Time: night back long morning half passed road light front minutes

30 topics, 2000 iterations, and 50 words printed

Situation: chair sat long looked hand eyes turned fire companion felt pipe silence rose arm half back change laid lit nervous shoulder lamp seated energy cold moved times spring milverton smoke cigar tobacco sharp opposite corner thoughts light smoking seat fingers leaning knees faces leaned breast gas winter dull turning evident

30 topics, 2000 iterations, and 10 words printed

Things: small hand gave side hat cut impression coat glass evidently

Crime: case point matter facts points curious fact affair obvious mystery

Time: night morning day evening clock back told doctor heard happened

People: man young person professor presence short london dangerous means aware

Analyze: police found lestrade colonel crime inspector evidence murder small night

Murder: man dead found lay back body head death blood carried


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