Sherlock Holmes and Topic Modeling

50 topics, 1000 iterations, and 20 words printed

Person: face eyes features turned lips looked tall pale white mouth expression drawn raised gray set beard fixed forehead glance angry

30 topics, 1500 iterations, and 20 words printed

Case: case lestrade find evidence points remarked obvious matter investigation mystery yard affair facts fresh point explain theory fact clue give

Crime: man dead poor strong body death life brought terrible dangerous sort words creature real deep notice wild turn devil lies

Thinking: mind clear remember place chance idea professor things strange full fear pass began aware put change doubt wrong lie fall

10 topics, 5000 iterations, and 20 words printed

Mr. Watson: watson case find point friend doubt sherlock interest facts remarkable fact singular remarked account dear strange present points curious reason

60 topics, 20000 iterations, and 20 words printed

Business/time: years money ago hundred twenty year ten time business months age pay week pounds thirty thousand gold weeks month fifty

Documents: paper note letter read table box book handed written papers wrote letters writing sheet write slip post document date envelope

Murder Case: crime police found murder death night scene arrest reason attention remained trace instantly murderer attempt suspicion discovered charge caused search

Senses: light long dark suddenly lamp black sound sudden darkness held silent hand shadow figure thrown appeared match silence ears lantern

Solving: case point facts points fact obvious interest explanation investigation mystery simple confess theory present admit solution formed true problem connection


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