Mallet Topic Modeling; Sherlock Holmes

Topics: 50, Iterations: 2000, TW:10, Stopwords Enabled

Estate: house long high large place windows garden front standing servants

Business: business good money hundred pay worth pounds company thousand gold

Intriguecase singular interest remarkable friend cases problem sherlock interesting events

Suspense (visual): face turned instant back eyes head forward sprang suddenly caught


Topics 100, iterations, 3000, TW 10, Stopwords Enabled

Suspense (auditory): heard long window light sound suddenly silence match slipped sharp


Topics 100, Iterations 4000, TW 20, Stopwords Enabled

Excitement: looked gave coming stood start surprise suddenly opened bright astonishment surprised thinking thoughts spoke violent remark opposite approached minute fashion


Topics 1000, Iterations 3000, TW 15, Stopwords Enabled

Books: paper note read book writing written handed sheet table slip wrote page pen pencil address


Topics 75, Iterations 4000, TW 20, Stopwords Enabled

Society: knew man men made american england country fear heard secret rich world society america lived garrideb wonderful collection land gennaro

Death: found dead body lay man blood death blow knife unfortunate terrible person lying finally cut weapon evidence constable remained wound

Crime: crime night criminal evidence murder death police arrest charge strong present appeared tragedy committed discovered violence murdered proved occurred motive



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