Mallet Modeling Tool, Sherlock Edition

1,000 Iterations 20 Words Printed 50 topics

Broken Home: young father left life time years poor son death man met sister boy mother ago fate died returned daughter family
Investigation: police crime evidence inspector murder death tragedy law person criminal official arrest present missing trace violence charge appeared committed effect
Household: lady wife woman husband maid mrs child character servants ferguson married rucastle lived madam mistress trouble children jack devoted nurse
Written Document: paper note table read papers box book pocket put handed writing written drew sheet glanced picked document slip envelope piece

1,500 Iterations 25 Words Printed 40 Topics

Characteristics: face eyes man thin lips features dark looked tall pale expression raised mouth figure gray beard drawn manner sprang handsome held eager fixed blue thinking
Emotions: cried hands face instant moment back god voice words quick sake minutes amazement cry spoke answer soul stared sank glimpse excitement burst heaven swear heavens
Physical Appearance: black red white hair hat head large broad coat heavy small middle set short dress cut brown round thick centre grey faced dressed clean glancing

2,000 Iterations 40 Words Printed 60 Topics

Schedule: night morning day clock morrow early leave breakfast work hours arrived sleep twelve dressed eleven bright spent slept fresh waited hour appointment porter reading moving caused lunch signs shortly meal awake tuesday matters victoria hearing reply earlier blood woking driven
Suicide: found man body dead lay blood head struck hand shot revolver blow knife stick heavy weapon unfortunate left death sign lying wound bullet handle formidable pistol finally escaped wounded tied fired carried world struggle dragged grotesque injury spot shirt gun
Traveling: hour half train station past carriage waiting cab quarter wait passed drive reached minutes drove started journey late ten line pulled hurried passing bridge town cross glancing hansom class reach brougham clearing nearer fast charing streets learn coachman cabman rattled


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