Dan Albrechts’ Topics.

Here are my ten topics with the words that constituted them.

10, 2000, 30:

Morbid: Man, Face, Eyes, Head, Hands, Turned, Back, Moment, Sat, Looked, Cried, Woman, Held, Thing, Dead, Voice, Deep, Long, White, Spoke, Struck, Told, Mind, Lay, Gave, Full, Blood, Surprise, Fashion.

Services Request: Sir, Matter, Find, Make, Note, Doubt, Letter, Clear, Gentlemen, Dear, Surely, Book, Order, Present, James, Fear, Position, Imagine, Offices, Letters, Point, Some, Danger, Importance, Important, Mystery, Call, News.

30, 1000, 15:

Death: Found, Lestrade, Man, Dead, Death, Lay, Evidence, Blood Long, Carried, Murder, Moment, Crime, Master.

Details: Face, Eyes, Looked, Red, Dark, White, Spoke, Hair, Features, Lips, Thin, Drawn, Figure, Appearance.

Setting: Day, London, Morning, Evening, Train, Doubt, Station, Days, Made, Return, Hours, News, Surprised, Found, Police.

Victorian Women: Lady, Woman, Wife, Life, Mrs, Husband, Poor, Young, Girl, Heart, Maid, Love, Child, Married, Story.

Deep Thought: Chair, Sat, Hand, Long, Turned, Back, Fire, Ligth, Head, Rose, Lamp, Laid, Drew, Companion, Cold.

100, 500, 20:

Action: Suddenly, Forward, Sprang, Instant, Quick, Hands, Step, Feet, Cried, Sight, Appeared, Stepped, Broke, Coming, Burst, Bent, Empty, Rage, Sleeve, Stairs.

Physical: Man, Dark, Tall, Dressed, Beard, Thin Corner, Great, Use, Fashion, Pair, Description, Handsome, Suit, Seated, Powerful, Glasses, Bearded

Terror: Eyes, Face, Spoke, Pale, Coming, Fear, Turned, Nervous, Voice, Horror, Thin, Dreadful, Staring, Frightened, Told, Cheeks, Emotion, Terror, Agitation, Sitting.


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