Topic Modelling

50 topics 


5. lady young woman wife maid child girl left beautiful ill give ferguson making mistress notice devoted possibly nurse poor frances

75 Topics

Sherlock’s Mannerisms

61. holmes chair sat fire pipe back asked arm rose glanced


67. light dark side lamp low match floor wall darkness held

100 Topics


40. london criminal learned dangerous attempt career order begin failed prepared chance due care fair succeeded


44. train station carriage line reached journey bridge hurried drove roof observed body opposite walk town


62. body lay blood shot found revolver blow dead head knife drawn fell weapon stick picked


81. door room opened key safe locked side inside closed lock open shut fastened conscious doors


88. watson dear surely fellow complete touch dangerous hope meet read draw report final form sufficient

500 Words


40. front house high drive road trees standing park windows place miles building sun trap drove


178. bed bell rope end ventilator cord mantelpiece hung observe chair pull inches ring dummy fastened

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